Our original juice since 1957

  • Vitamin A for vision

  • Made from field-fresh Swiss organic vegetables

Biotta Car­rot juice is the very first juice in the his­tory of Biotta pro­duc­tion, and is still re­garded to­day as a syn­onym for the nat­ural juices from the Lake Con­stance re­gion. Since 1957, we’ve been pro­duc­ing this freshly pressed juice from pre­mium or­ganic Thur­gau car­rots. Now as al­ways, the juice is made with no ar­ti­fi­cial ad­di­tives, and is 100% nat­ural. Nu­mer­ous or­ganic farm­ers from the sur­round­ing area sup­ply our fac­tory in Täger­wilen with freshly har­vested car­rots. Here, the car­rots are processed gen­tly and with lots of love and care to make Biotta Car­rot juice. To­day, we still use the same orig­i­nal recipe as in the old days - 100% pre­mium or­ganic car­rots. 

This tra­di­tional juice is rich in nat­ural vi­t­a­min A (from beta-carotene). Vi­t­a­min A helps main­tain good eye­sight.

Biotta Car­rot is avail­able in the tra­di­tional 500 ml glass bot­tle as well as in the con­ve­nient 250 ml bot­tle.

Car­rot juice. From or­ganic farm­ing.

Nutritional value per 100 ml:
Energy120 kJ (28 kcal)
- of which saturates
0 g
0 g
- of which sugars*
7 g
7 g
Proteins0.4 g
Salt0.12 g
Vitamin A (from beta-carotene)560 µg (70% NRV)
*contains naturally occuring sugars

Al­ler­gens: Con­tains no al­ler­gens sub­ject to de­c­la­ra­tion.