Our promise

The best juices for people and nature

We are the Swiss organic pioneer of natural fruit and vegetable juices. As a sustainable manufacturer, we have always been committed to giving people a piece of nature with every sip that is healthy and tastes great. Learn more about our commitment:

En­vi­ron­men­tal re­spon­si­bil­ity


100% organic or Demeter

Since our foundation in 1957, we have been producing juices exclusively with organically grown fruit and vegetables. We now also make individual juices in Demeter quality.

-2,500 tonnes of CO2 annually

Regional wood instead of traditional heating oil. Since the commissioning of our state-of-the-art woodchip heating system, we have been able to do without fossil fuels for the most part and – in cooperation with our neighbouring company – are reducing CO2 emissions by a total of 2,500 tonnes each year. That’s 340 times around the globe by plane.

Recycling PET

Did you know that we are in the process of switching to 100% recycled PET? A large proportion of our product lines is already equipped accordingly. Nevertheless: whenever possible, we do without plastic.

United against food waste

Biotta is committed to the fight against food waste and supports Too Good To Go’s “Often Good Longer” campaign, among others. Because saving food together is even more fun!

Prod­uct re­spon­si­bil­ity

0% granulated sugarThere is no granulated sugar in our

bottles – because our high-quality juices contain naturally occurring vegetable or fruit sugars.

100% natural

We do not use any artificial additives (colourings, preservatives or flavourings) in all our juices & smoothies and rely 100% on nature.

From the region

Whenever possible, we source our raw materials from local farmers. Almost all our vegetables come from the region. This allows us to use particularly fresh raw materials and ensure short transport routes (journeys of max. 35 mins.).

100% direct juice

Our juices are made from 100% directly pressed juice – we do not use any re-diluted concentrate.

Pro­duc­tion re­spon­si­bil­ity

Certified value chain

Food safety and fair working conditions play a central role for us. That is why our value chain is strictly monitored and has been granted Intertek certification – among others – according to the globally recognised FSSC 22000 standard.

100% climate friendly

Biotta has been climate friendly since 2022 and is certified by myclimate. What this means: All CO2 emissions generated in our company for the production of our juices are compensated by high-quality climate protection projects.

Since 1957

Responsible action and sustainable production have been a part of Biotta’s DNA ever since the company was founded over 65 years ago.

Occupational health and safety

Our employees are our most important asset. Consequently, mandatory training sessions on topics such as occupational health and safety take place on a regular basis.

So­cial re­spon­si­bil­ity

100% fair partnerships

We implement sustainable entrepreneurship and maintain fair partnerships along the entire value chain. For example, we have known our organic farmers for years – sometimes even decades.

Apprentices in 3 professions

We train apprentices in 3 professions and accompany our talented young workers as they take their first steps in their professional lives.

Sustainability Support for employees

We offer around 60 employees a secure job and enable them to continuously develop their professional skills.

Social commitment

Social commitment is close to our hearts! Every year, residents of the Ekkharthof sanatorium and educational centre in Kreuzlingen help us package the Biotta Wellness Week, for example – that makes us very happy.

Some of our sus­tain­abil­ity pro­jects

Our self-im­age

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