White cabbage

Cabbage at its very best

  • Source of natural vitamin C

  • From lacto-fermented white cabbage

In the past, white cab­bage was con­sid­ered a vi­tal food­stuff - par­tic­u­larly dur­ing the win­ter. Sauer­kraut, which could be stored for longer, was pro­duced us­ing nat­ural fer­men­ta­tion processes. In those days, cab­bage was re­garded as some­thing of a mir­a­cle food to help sur­vive the win­ter. To­day, it has been sci­en­tif­i­cally proven that sauer­kraut is nat­u­rally rich in vi­t­a­min C, that helps main­tain a healthy me­tab­o­lism. With­out any ar­ti­fi­cial ad­di­tives, or­ganic white cab­bage is trans­formed into a freshly pressed or­ganic juice, with nat­ural lac­tic acid en­sur­ing it keeps for longer. Thus we can en­joy nat­ural sauer­kraut juice even when cab­bage it­self is not in sea­son.

Sauer­kraut juice from fer­mented white cab­bage, sea salt (0.7%). From or­ganic farm­ing.

Nutritional value per 100 ml:
Energy60 kJ (15 kcal)
- of which saturates
0 g
0 g
- of which sugars*
3 g
2 g
Proteins0.6 g
Salt0.7 g
Vitamin C8 mg (10% NRV)
*contains naturally occuring sugars

Al­ler­gens: Con­tains no al­ler­gens sub­ject to de­c­la­ra­tion.