My Juice Day (Bundle)

Strengthen your body awareness with regular juice fasting days and enjoy a time-out for body and soul. With Biotta My Juice Day #1 and #2 it couldn’t be easier.

Juice bun­dle incl. in­struc­tions with tips and tricks for juice day

Juice #1 for the first half of the day gets your day off to a de­li­ciously fruity start while sup­ply­ing your body with nat­ural vi­t­a­mins and min­er­als and valu­able phy­tonu­tri­ents.

Juice #2 for the sec­ond half of the day is high in fi­bre. The nu­tri­ent-rich blend of two types of car­rot, aca­cia fi­bres and a dash of gin­ger gets you through the sec­ond half of the day ef­fort­lessly.