Shot Ginger+

The natural start to the day

  • Natural, without artificial additives.

  • Gentle processing without heat exposure

  • Ideal supplement for a balanced diet

You will love this booster when­ever you need that blast of Gin­ger POWER! A har­mo­nious taste that gives you some peps – that’s prob­a­bly the best way to de­scribe Gin­ger+.

The gin­ger shot with ap­ple cider vine­gar is rounded off with sweet ap­ple juice. It’s a great way to start the day as part of your daily morn­ing rou­tine.

Ap­ple juice, lemon juice, gin­ger juice, ap­ple cider vine­gar. From or­ganic farm­ing.

Nutritional value per 100 ml:
Energy190 kJ (46 kcal)
- of which saturates
0 g
0 g
- of which sugars*
11.3 g
10.2 g
Proteins0 g
Salt0.01 g
*contains naturally occuring sugars

Al­ler­gens: Con­tains no al­ler­gens sub­ject to de­c­la­ra­tion.

To be en­joyed chilled.