Don Ginger

The hot variety – with ginger & lemon


  • Wonderfully spicy & intensely gingery

  • Innovative recipe with 10% juice content

  • 100% natural organic ingredients

  • Naturally sweetened, without granulated sugar

His trained eye is as metic­u­lous as his cloth­ing. Don Gin­ger is a true gin­ger con­nois­seur! He re­ally is on fire when he’s brew­ing lemon­ade! He has to take care not to scorch his whiskers when he oc­ca­sion­ally mixes in the fiery gin­ger juice a lit­tle too eu­phor­i­cally.

Now he’s got the hang of it with­out caus­ing too much of a burn­ing sen­sa­tion in the throat. Al­though his gin­ger lemon­ade still en­sures a true taste ex­plo­sion. The ex­otic spici­ness of or­ganic gin­ger com­bined with a hint of lemon and the nat­u­rally light sweet­ness of agave – that’s his well-guarded recipe for suc­cess. But shhh...

Wa­ter, agave syrup*, gin­ger juice* (5%), lemon juice* (5%), car­bon diox­ide, flavour ex­tract.

*or­gan­i­cally grown.

Nutritional value per 100 ml:
Energy110 kJ (27 kcal)
- of which saturates
0 g
0 g
- of which sugars*
6.7 g
6.7 g
Proteins0 g
Salt0 g

Car­bon­ated. En­joy chilled.

Das ist SPRIZZ!

100% natural

Natural organic juices combined with pure sparkling water. The fizzy thirst quencher you can drink whenever you feel like it.

Swiss Made, Swiss loved

Refreshment without compromise – thanks to regional bottling in Switzerland.

Completely without granulated sugar

No sugar bombs, just lightly sweetened with organic agave syrup. A wonderfully light treat.