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The Biotta sales team

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Flavio Balbiani
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Region Zurich, Central Switzerland and Glarnerland
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Heiko Lorenz
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Our juices can be ordered directly from the following partners (delivery within Switzerland only).


Please do take a look at our most frequently asked customer questions. You may find your question has already been answered there.


Buy Biotta juices

Where can I buy/order Biotta juices?

Our juices are available throughout Switzerland. You’ll find them in your local supermarket and an even wider selection in drugstores, pharmacies and health food shops. You can also order Biotta juices online: for a selection of Swiss online shops see our website, under “Online Shops”.

Biotta juices are also available in a number of other countries. Look at our map to see exactly where.


Effects of Biotta juices

Who can advise me on the effects of Biotta juices?

Pharmacies and drugstores often have a wide selection of Biotta juices on offer. Salespersons here should be able to advise you on ingredients and recommended daily intake. Please note that, under the Health Claim Regulations, we are not allowed to offer any health advice.


Glutenfree juices

Which Biotta juices contain gluten?

None. All Biotta juices are without gluten.


Ingredients for Biotta juices

Where do the ingredients for Biotta juices come from?

We use the best in organically grown vegetables from Swiss farms, many of them in the local region. Other ingredients for Biotta juices are sourced from all around the world. That’s because Switzerland still doesn’t have banana or mango plantations. But even when it comes to goods from abroad, we build long-lasting relationships of trust with our partners, who observe strict organic guidelines and ensure fair working conditions on their farms. Read stories about our partners in Switzerland and abroad here.


Juices for diabetics

I’m diabetic. Which juices can I drink?

All nutritional values are listed in detail on our product labels. If you read these carefully, you should be able to work out which juices are most suitable for you. Your local pharmacist should also be able to advise you here.



Which Biotta juices contain lactose?

Biotta Vita 7 and Biotta Wellness contain whey - which means they also contain lactose.


Organic products

What's so special about organic products?

Support for organic farming and a focus on exclusively organic products is a mindset we adopted right from the start in 1957. This philosophy calls for the sustainable use of the soil, the conservation of biodiversity and the prudent use of all resources. That’s why we avoid using pesticides and artificial fertilisers. Find out more about organic farming here.

This cultivation method also has an impact on the produce. For example, it has been demonstrated that organically farmed foods contain more secondary plant compounds, known as phytonutrients, than produce from conventional farming. Studies have shown that the phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables can have antioxidant, antimicrobial anti-inflammatory effects on the human body.

Naturalness and the conservation of natural resources are also our guidelines when it comes to further processing. And our products reflect this by doing without any additives (dyes, added vitamins, preservatives, etc.). Our juices are 100% fresh-squeezed and not reconstituted from concentrate.


Our bottles

Why are Biotta juices available in glass and in plastic bottles?

Biotta has been available in its classic glass bottle since 1957. Glass is best for protecting the vitamins and phytonutrients in Biotta products. We regularly check the environmental balance for glass bottles. The recycling rate for glass in Switzerland is among the highest in the world, so disposable glass bottles perform very well in the life cycle assessment.

But new consumer behaviour calls for new solutions: increasingly, people want to eat and drink on the go, yet without making any compromises when it comes to taste and a balanced diet. To accommodate this trend, we now offer Biotta Veggies and Traktor products - juices and smoothies - in handy plastic bottles. We didn’t take this step lightly. But the incredibly high recycling rate for plastic bottles in Switzerland finally convinced us it was the right move.

Biotta plastic bottles comply with food safety regulations and do not emit any substances that are harmful to health.

More information:



How are Biotta juices given a longer shelf life?

Through gentle heating and quickest possible cooling. Biotta juices sold in glass bottles are bottled hot, and the filled bottles are then cooled down by sprinkling them with water. In contrast, the Biotta Veggies and the Traktor smoothies and juices sold in plastic bottles are briefly heated, immediately cooled down, bottled cold and then stored in a cool place.

Does pasteurisation negatively affect the juices?

All juices of the Biotta Classic range have been pasteurised for preservation purposes. This however does not mean that the juices contain no vitamins and minerals. The longer and the higher the period of pasteurisation, the more harmful it is for vitamins. Biotta's gentle process, which preserves most of the nutrients, heats the juice rapidly and cools it rapidly down again. The production process is carried out in a minimum number of steps. Oxygen is largely kept out of the process, preventing oxidation and thus the loss of vitamins.


Pure juice vs. juice from reconstitued concentrate

What’s the difference between pure juice and juice from reconstituted concentrate?

Concentrates are often used in the industrial production of juices. This method entails extracting water from the fruit or vegetable in question to produce a fruit/vegetable concentrate. This concentrate is easier to transport, and can be stored for longer, as its high fructose content acts as a preservative. When it reaches its destination, the concentrate is then diluted with water and bottled as juice. This has little in common with freshly pressed pure juice. Because valuable nutrients can easily be lost using this method, Biotta does not use concentrates on principle, and offers only premium freshly pressed pure juices made from organically grown, just-harvested fruits and vegetables in an optimum state of ripeness. This is the best way to preserve their typical flavours, vitamins and vital phytonutrients.


Tea from juice weeks

Can I buy the tea from the Wellness or Balance Week separately?

Sorry - but no! These teas are designed exclusively for these two Biotta weeks, and are not sold separately.


Traktor products

Do Traktor products belong to the Biotta family?

Yes, Traktor smoothies and juices joined the Biotta family in 2013, and are now produced in our production plant in Tägerwilen (TG).


Vegan juices

Which Biotta juices are suitable for vegans?

Biotta Vita 7 and Biotta Wellness contain whey and are hence not suitable for vegans. All other juices and smoothies are 100% vegan.



What vitamins are contained in Biotta juices?

In many cases Biotta juices contain the vitamins and minerals that occur naturally in fruit and vegetables. However, Swiss food regulations stipulate that only those vitamins and minerals whose content per 100ml of juice is at least 7.5 percent of the daily requirement for adults may be labelled on the product. If this condition is met, you will find the vitamins listed on the label on the back of the Biotta bottle. If this statutory threshold is not reached, we are unfortunately not allowed to mention the vitamins and minerals on the label.

None of the vitamins and minerals in Biotta juices are artificially added – they are all naturally present in the fruit and vegetables.


Wellness Week vs. Balance Week

What’s the difference between the Balance Week and the Wellness Week?

The Biotta Wellness Week involves a week of not eating any solids. Generally, people embark on a juice week to detoxify their bodies or just to take a break from their normal diet. Find out more here!

During the Biotta Balance Week, you can continue eating (following our delicious recipes). The aim of this week is to restore equilibrium to your acid-base homeostasis, or to embark on a different way of eating. Find out more here!