You won’t fit more nature than this into a bottle

From Pineapple to Vita 7 – Biotta now offers some 30 natural juices, from classic vegetable varieties to the Biotta Bio Energy drink. Whether you opt for a single bottle, or a whole wellness week package: Biotta juices stand for best organic quality - and we’re proud of it! Every day, we work hard in our production plant to supply you with only the very best, natural Biotta juices, and to surprise you with new products.

Naturally, we move with the times, and accommodate current customer requirements. That’s why we now offer chilled and on-the-go Biotta juices. With our Biotta Veggies, we provide the new generation of smoothies for when you’re out and about. Here, fruit meets veg, and Biotta the handy plastic bottle.

Discover your favourite Biotta juice!

Biotta Classic

Biotta Classic: It all began with carrots...

Biotta Classic: It all began with carrots...

The first Biotta carrot juice was sold in 1957. Even back then, the idea was to bottle top-quality organic carrots from Thurgau, completely without artificial additives - just natural and pure. Over the years, the range of Biotta juices on offer grew continuously, and we ventured into fruit juices, followed by mixed juices, even using very special ingredients such as aronia or black carrots. When we develop new products, we’re not governed by short-lived trends, but by our customers. And this is how a diverse range of Biotta classic juices originated. Which is your favourite Biotta juice?

Biotta Vital

The new Biotta Vital line offers a natural boost to your vitality and health. The three innovative fruit and vegetable blends, Biotta Vital Immune, Biotta Vital Antioxidant and Biotta Vital Iron, provide valuable vitamins and minerals, without stressing the body. And in Vital Plus, we have blended our famous organic wild mountain cranberry juice with Swiss hemp flower tea to create a combination that is more than just a treat for the taste buds. Natural, organically farmed ingredients are gently processed in our factory at Lake Constance to create premium quality organic juice, helping to keep you healthy all year round.

Biotta Wellness Week

My Wellness Week – my me time

My Wellness Week – my me time

Been planning to change your diet for some time? Want to detoxify your body? Or just wind down? – There are plenty of good reasons for a Biotta Wellness Week. No matter what has motivated you to embark on a juice week, our Wellness Week package will provide you with everything you need in one handy box.

Right back in 1992, this package was developed by dieticians under the leadership of the Biotta research department. With the aid of eleven natural fruit and vegetable juices, the strain on your body is eased, and you will experience a new feeling of lightness. This is not about a rigorous fast, but about forgoing things temporarily, about moving away from hectic, unhealthy eating habits. 


Biotta Balance Week

Biotta Balance Week - the easy route to a healthy diet

Biotta Balance Week - the easy route to a healthy diet

Stress, lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet will all throw your acid-base homeostasis off balance. With its handy set of 11 natural juices, the Biotta Balance Week package will help you make that shift to a balanced diet. And you won’t have to starve yourself, either. On the contrary: we promise you’ll enjoy your food more than ever before. The package contains numerous recipes to inspire you and whet your appetite for a healthy diet. In addition, various Biotta juices and our specially developed organic herbal fruit tea round off the Balance Week. The result is a gourmet package guaranteed to help you change your diet - and to be fun too.

Biotta SMOO´TEAs

What could be better than a delectable organic smoothie? – A delectable organic smoothie with finest organic tea! Now available in our new “Biotta SMOO'TEA” product line... Choicest ingredients, sophisticated recipes and a pleasant, eye-catching design are the hallmarks of this new drink.

Biotta Pur

Biotta PUR: 100% pure juice – only the best from mother nature

Biotta PUR offers you the pure vitality of mother nature. Each 250ml bottle contains 100% freshly pressed juice - without tea extracts, and unsweetened.

PUR juices should be diluted, or can be added to muesli or desserts. In developing the range of PUR juices, our primary aim was to enable Biotta drinkers to mix quality Biotta ingredients as desired and to their own taste.



Bio Energy

Biotta Bio Energy - your natural alternative

Biotta Bio Energy - your natural alternative

Mid-afternoon slump - or simply feeling weary? Everyone has moments when they just can’t seem to get going.

We’re no exception. That’s why we developed Biotta Bio Energy juices - organic fruit drinks with natural caffeine, and 83% fruit.

Biotta Energy drinks will delight you with their fruity flavours and natural ingredients - 100% natural, and with no added sugar. 

Biotta Veggies

Biotta Veggies – instant portion of vegetables & fruit

After hours spent hours tweaking, tasting and optimising, our efforts have finally paid off. For the first time ever, Biotta is now available in 250 ml plastic bottles, which you’ll find in the chiller cabinet aisle. With our Biotta Veggies, we’ve created organic smoothies to meet the needs of modern customers. Because finding healthy and tasty snacks for when you’re out and about is becoming increasingly important.