Back in 1957, there were no guidelines for organic farming, no seals of approval, no certification. But there was Biotta carrot juice, for example. Our company, then still called “Gemüsebau AG Tägerwilen” (Tägerwilen Vegetable Growing Group) was one of the first farms in Switzerland to grow food organically.

In 1961, to reflect our belief in the future of organic farming, we changed our name and became: Biotta. Unswervingly, we take our stand against fast-food culture, countering it with an increasingly colourful range of vegetable and fruit juices. 100% natural, 100% organic.

The major milestones in Biotta’s history of organic success:

1931 The “Gemüsebau AG Tägerwilen” is founded.

1951 The business converts to organic methods, becoming one of the first organic farms in Switzerland.

1957 Organic carrot juice is pressed, bottled and launched on the market as the first ever Biotta juice.

1961 Dr. Hugo Brandenberger takes over the juice production. As a pioneer, he is convinced that organic farming has a future. For more than forty years, he continues to successfully develop organic farming methods, juice production and a growing range of vegetable and fruit juices.

2005 In his search for a suitable successor, Dr. Hugo Brandenberger sells his juice factory to the Thurella Group, a drinks manufacturer from east Switzerland.

2011 Natural Biotta juices become Thurella’s mainstay. Two innovations, Biotta PUR und Biotta Energy, are launched on the market.

2012 Traktor Smoothies from Zurich are brought into production at Biotta. Biotta now also produces organic smoothies under the “Traktor” brand name.

2014 Biotta Veggies are launched on the market. For the first time ever, Biotta products are now also to be found in the chiller cabinet aisle.

2018 The ORIOR Group takes over Biotta AG, the pioneer in 100% natural and organic vegetable and fruit juices.