Our popular Biotta Elderberry has adapted to the spirit of the times and now contains less natural fruit sugar (fructose) and therefore fewer calories, but still has the same great taste.

  • 20% fewer calories
  • 20% less fruit sugar

We use a particularly high-quality and intensely flavoured elderberry variety called Haschberg for Biotta Elderberry. At summer’s end the black berries are harvested by hand. They are then pressed in our Lake Constance factory to produce a natural juice with no artificial additives or added sugar. Our gentle production methods mean the juice has a delicious and mildly fruity taste.

Sugar reduction project

For some time now, we have been adjusting the calorie and natural fructose content of our juice recipes. Although the natural sugar in fruit and vegetables is not the same as normal granulated sugar, our consumers are increasingly conscious of the role of sugar in their diets. Biotta has recognised this and is making appropriate changes as a result. In this way, we can ensure that our popular classics continue to appeal to consumers, both in terms of taste and nutritional value.

Our bodies can process the natural fructose from fruit and vegetables better than granulated sugar or artificial fructose. This is because of the phytonutrients and dietary fibre that fruit and fruit juices contain. Artificial fructose in particular, which is often made from genetically modified maize, is unhealthy and cannot be compared with naturally occurring fructose. Soft drinks, yoghurts and breakfast cereals frequently contain large quantities of artificial fructose. We always process the whole fruit or vegetable for our juice, so you benefit from numerous vitamins and nutrients.