Slavia Karlen, entrepreneur and blogger, reports how she fared with the new Biotta Wellness Week:

Almost exactly a year ago, I mastered my first Biotta Wellness Week. I was very proud of myself, because I usually never miss meals, but it’s healthy to give your gut a break every so often. That’s why I resolved to undertake the Biotta Wellness Week every year. And now the time has arrived to do it again.

The principle of the Wellness Week
The Wellness Week box is available online or in specialist shops – for example in Swidro pharmacies and drugstores. It contains everything you need for the one-week fast: juices, tea, flax seeds and a brochure with a daily schedule and helpful tips. There’s also the Biotta Community where you can exchange ideas with like-minded people. The entire fast lasts for eight days, five of which are juice days, plus a day to prepare your body for the coming week, and two recovery days for a slow return to ‘normal’ everyday eating.

The new Wellness Week
When my package arrived, I soon realised that the Wellness Week was different from what I remembered. There are two new juices, specially designed for juice fasting. You can also use them if you only want to fast for one day. The box also includes alkaline bath salts. These help the body to eliminate toxins through the skin more efficiently. In addition there are not only meal suggestions for the preparation day and recovery days, but also a set of recipes. Last but not least, three yoga tutorials are included to help activate the detoxification process. I was totally motivated and more than ready to start.

Preparation day
Today is all about getting myself physically and mentally in the right mood for the fast. I take two teaspoons of flaxseed in the morning and evening for optimal bowel cleansing, as well as drinking the Vital Digest juice. In the morning I have something light to eat, and at lunchtime I cook homemade gnocchi according to Ralph Schelling’s recipe. There’s a first time for everything! I am so pleased not to be a food blogger and have to photograph the results. But the gnocchi were delicious! I find the quinoa salad in the evening easier to prepare. I get through the day without any problems and I look forward with some anticipation to the next five days.

Day 1
The first day without solid food. Fortunately, I’m already familiar with this – I’m having a déjà vu experience, so to speak. Throughout the day I drink a bottle of My Juice Day #1 and the herbal tea. At lunchtime I also have a glass of Vita 7 and in the evening I have the tomato juice, warmed up as a soup; that does me good. I was also physically active, because the first yoga class was on the agenda. Don’t worry, it wasn’t at all strenuous and it was very calming. Afterwards I slept like a baby.

Day 2
The second day goes well. During the course of the day I drink a bottle of My Juice Day #2, which contains vegetables, acacia fibre (yes, I had to look it up, and in short it’s a digestive aid with 80% fibre) and ginger – it’s totally delicious. The Vital Digest juice and the flax seeds make their regular appearance on the menu, and I really look forward to them. In the evening, I have another warm tomato juice and then the first bath with the bath salts. Once again, I go to bed completely relaxed and sleep for a long time.

Day 3
It’s the third day and that means it’s half-time. Very good, my feelings of hunger are under control and I have already developed a morning routine to ensure I divide up the juices correctly for the rest of the day. In the afternoon, yoga session number two is on the agenda. I could have done without the Navasana (boat) pose, but I demonstrate my staying power and get through it.

Day 4
Just like last year, I have my slump on day four, when I feel like throwing in the towel. I also know from last year, when I asked the Biotta Community for advice, that I can drink an extra 100-200 ml of juice if I have some available. Preferably vegetable juices, too much fructose from fruit juices is not a good idea. I can easily arrange this, since I work from home. In the evening, I enjoy another alkaline bath, which helps me get over the stresses and strains of the day. The bath simply works wonders.

Day 5
The last day without solid food. I am proud that this year too I have managed to get this far. I don’t think there is much danger of anyone giving up once they’ve reached the fifth day. I enjoy a long walk, the sunshine, and the knowledge that the juice fast will soon be over. The instructions say you are welcome to extend it if you want to. I find that one week is enough for me.

Recovery days
Unlike the previous Wellness Week, there are now two recovery days at the end of the fast, and thus four more recipes to follow. I improvise a bit with the vegetable soup, as I don’t have all the ingredients. The same goes for my dinner; a Persian omelette. I don’t like dill so I replace it with parsley – and hope it will still do the job. I treat myself to the third yoga session afterwards to celebrate the day. The next day I make an Indian curry for lunch and a sweet corn gratin in the evening. All the dishes are light and they taste great. I was in the kitchen so much, I almost didn’t notice the end of my Biotta Wellness Week.

The Wellness Week is not primarily about losing weight, but about detoxifying the body and becoming more aware of food in general. I definitely succeeded in this. Since my juice fast last year, I have eaten (even) more vegetables and have been able to maintain my new eating habits over the course of the year, despite some small lapses. It is important to understand that lapses will happen, but that it doesn’t necessarily mean falling back into old eating patterns. The Wellness Week is very well-balanced and Biotta’s know-how is noticeable in the brochure and the whole structure of the week. This gives me additional courage and the confidence not to interrupt the fast. I feel cleansed and free – both physically and mentally. It is an indescribable feeling to have conquered my weaker self and to know that I can apply this to other situations in life.