Vitamin-packed fruits and carrots from Switzerland come together to create a delicious juice blend. Ideal as a daily treat that’s full of valuable nutrients - produced according to the Biotta principles:

  • 100% natural
  • 100% organic
  • Made 100% from directly pressed juices, without any rediluted concentrate
  • No added sugar (only the natural sugar in the ingredients)
  • No dyes, preservatives or flavourings
  • No added vitamins (fruits & vegetables have their own vitamins)
  • Produced under climate-friendly conditions

Learn more about our philosophy and our partner farmers: here.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is not always easy. With today’s hectic pace, you might not have time to always cook nutritious meals. And the fruit and vegetables you’ve bought with the best of intentions end up wilting in the fridge before they can be used. Biotta Vita 7 is here to help:

- Rich in natural vital substances
- Vitamin C to boost the immune system
- A delicious everyday companion

According to the Swiss Society for Nutrition, one portion of the recommended “5 a day” can be replaced by 2dl fruit or vegetable juice. But the juice should be a direct juice in organic quality, because in juices made from concentrate, important ingredients are lost during processing. And always go for organic, as organically farmed foods have been proven to contain more phytonutrients than those from conventional farming.

Vitamin C to boost the immune system

Biotta Vita 7 contains several sources of vitamin C, including the good old orange as well as the small orange sea buckthorn berry, a real vitamin C bomb (450 mg vitamin C / 100g). Vitamin C protects the body from infections, especially in stressful situations, and helps normalise energy metabolism. Since the body cannot produce vitamin C on its own, we need to get it from food. Oranges also deliver important B vitamins and a number of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. And the carrots in Biotta Vita 7 provide an extra portion of vegetables while supplying the body with vitamin A from beta-carotene. This vitamin keeps our mucous membranes healthy so they can guard us against bacteria.

Whether in the morning, afternoon or in between, Biotta Vita 7 optimally supplies the body with vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. So that nothing stands in the way of an energy-charged day.