What do you do when even the best organic carrots are hard to sell and perfectly good food threatens to go to waste? No problem, you just make them into juice! This is exactly what we did at the end of 2018. Together with the association Grassrooted and Coop, we turned 30 tons of organic carrots into delicious organic carrot juice.

A whole field of colourful organic carrots from Zurich’s Weinland was to be ploughed under again as the carrots could not be sold. The Grassrooted association from Zurich, which is committed to fighting food waste, bought the carrots from the farmer and went looking for partners to make use of the flawless produce. They found willing collaborators in Biotta and Coop. At the Biotta plant on Lake Constance we processed the carrots of the White Satin, Orange Malbec and Purple Elite varieties into the finest organic carrot juice. Thanks to Coop, the limited edition “Together against food waste” could be offered on the Swiss retail market. The partners carried out the project in no time and gave it their wholehearted support. This campaign demonstrates just how strong we are when we work together to set an example against food waste. And the initiative is completely in line with our core principles: “respect for nature” and “respect for people”.

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P.S.: The issue of food waste is more relevant today than ever before. It was recently featured in reports on the Swiss TV news and the economic programme SRF ECO.