In Switzerland, people are rediscovering the valuable contribution which hemp can make to our diet. Biotta processes hemp blossom in its new drink Vital Plus. Organic farmer Klaus B öhler is responsible for delivering the raw materials.

Dark green serrated leaves sway gently in the wind. Six weeks after sowing, the hemp plants in Klaus Böhler’s field in Seuzach have reached maturity and shine in all their glory. Older people will remember hemp as a plant used by the textile industry. But it’s recently been rediscovered for its health benefits, which are only now being researched in more detail. In his field, Klaus grows the raw materials for Biotta’s latest creation, Vital Plus. According to experts, this innovative combination of freshly pressed cranberry juice and hemp blossom tea can help alleviate certain gynaecological complaints.

Farmer Klaus Böhler loves the plant because it grows quickly, is resistant to disease and is good for the soil. Since entering into a partnership with Biotta, Böhler has liaised with Urs Dietrich to further develop the hemp project. Dietrich, an experienced food technician and head of Development at Biotta, visits the farm on a daily basis once the plants have reached maturity and checks the taste of the hemp leaves. Because Biotta needs to make sure the plants are harvested at just the right moment – as soon as the buds have opened.

Harvesting begins early in the morning, as soon as the dew has dried. In the nearby drying facility, water is gently extracted from the hemp plants and blossom to ensure the essential oils and nutrients are preserved to the greatest degree possible. Once dried, the hemp plants are transported to Biotta’s headquarters in Tägerwilen TG. The close geographical proximity of the two locations is ideal for Biotta, as the company attaches great importance to keeping transport distances as short as possible and working hand in hand with their partners. In Tägerwilen, Klaus Böhler’s dried hemp is brewed into tea and then blended with fresh cranberry juice, orange juice and date syrup to create the final product.

Farmer Klaus Böhler loves drinking hemp tea himself. He brews it using freshly plucked leaves from his field. The tea helps him to relax, he claims.