Organic aronia berries in Switzerland? When we first began to search for the dark berries four years ago, we were confronted with not a little scepticism. But with IG Aronia, we’ve found our perfect partner.
Aronia berries – also known as chokeberries – originate from North America. Although used widely by indigenous tribes, they were largely ignored by the settlers. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the plant was rediscovered by a Russian biologist. He took it back to Russia to cultivate and graft it. To this day, aronia berries are used more widely in East Europe than here. But this “superfruit” can also be cultivated in Switzerland – in premium organic quality, no less. Hence, what began as a vision has now become reality. A number of organic farmers in the region now grow organic aronia berries. In autumn, the harvest is brought straight to the Biotta factory. Here in Tägerwilen, the hand-sorted berries are pressed and the juice is bottled. In this manner, we support organic farmers from the region with innovative projects, and also support local organic agriculture – even though the plant itself is not typically Swiss. Biotta’s Aronia-Acerola juice contains organically grown Swiss aronia berries.