Eugen Aebli

Eugen and Irene Aebli have been running their 250-yr old farm since the 1970s. A small organic farm, it is situated in the heart of Tägerwilen – which is also home to the Biotta juice factory. On their three hectares of land, the Aebli family mainly grows potatoes, with beetroot and celery as sidelines. The region around Lake Constance is ideal for growing potatoes – or “Herdöpfel”, as they are called in local dialect. Glacier water nourishes the plant with important nutrients. Naturally, the land has to be worked regularly too. A meaningful and rigorous system of crop rotation is vital, which means using the land to grow different plants. This ensures that the soil is not overexploited, retaining its nutrients and staying fertile long-term. Over the course of almost four decades, Eugen Aebli has acquired a great deal of knowledge about agriculture. He implements this knowledge rigorously in his everyday work, and shares his expertise with his children and workers. Aebli attaches great importance to passing his knowledge on to the next generation – because this is the only way to ensure the future success of the farm. In the early autumn, when the harvest is ready, the Aebli fields bustle with activity. The three grown-up children help with the harvest. As soon as the potatoes have been harvested, they are brought to the Biotta factory, which is located just a couple of hundred metres from the farm. Here, they are pressed into top-quality organic potato juice. Local, organic produce, short transfer distances and swift processing all contribute to make the end product highly sustainable. Eugen Aebli is proud to be part of it.