The organic farmers, who work for us, all have decades of experience in growing vegetables organically. They are also dedicated to the cause, and have an eye for detail. On their lovingly tended, fertile land, they grow the carrots, beetroot, potatoes or celery which give the famous Biotta juices their unrivalled aroma and archetypal flavour.

Most of the organic vegetables used in our juices are sourced from the region around the Biotta factory, on the south shore of Lake Constance - a region which enjoys a perfect climate for the purpose. In other words: short, direct routes from the field to the bottle. Perfect timing is of the essence here. Generally speaking, seasonal produce has to be processed fresh, within a few hours of being harvested.

We believe in offering our organic farmers fair partnerships. We are committed to supporting organic farming in Switzerland, and enjoy relationships of trust with our partners, who have cultivation contracts with us, and whom we know personally. We cultivate long-term relationships with our farmers. And of course we make sure we pay a fair price for the valuable natural produce we receive. For us, fair trade begins at home - right in front of our factory gates in Tägerwilen (Thurgau).