Who doesn’t need a boost(er) every now and then? Life can be hectic, your to-do list seems to get longer and longer, and after a hard day at work you’d still like to have some energy for hobbies, friends and family. The Biotta Boosters help boosting your immune system and giving you that urgently needed lasting power to get you through strenuous days.

To preserve as many vitamins and nutrients as possible, we use High Pressure Preservation (HPP) for our Biotta Boosters. HPP technology uses high pressure up to 6000 bar to prolong shelf life without influencing the positive effects of the high-quality ingredients.

The benefits:

•       Gentle processing without heat exposure

•       Protects nutrients and vitamins

•       Fresh taste – just like homemade

The Biotta Boosters combine powerful natural ingredients into high-impact blends of the best organic quality. Available in Volg, Manor and in selected organic specialist shops in the varieties Ginger+ and Immun.